November 20, 2016

Week 4 – Mobile Usability Testing (Set Up)

This last week my homework and professional work have coincided a lot by considering how I can go about testing a site for mobile/a mobile application for in-vehicle use.  I think it’s good that I have had to give purposeful thought to how I would go about setting up a mobile testing environment since this is a skill that translates to the real world (something I can’t say for a lot of my undergrad classes).

This last week I got to do guerilla usability testing by approaching strangers within the Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI.  As an introvert I absolutely HATED approaching strangers and asking them to do tasks for me… this was very exhausting.  Myself aside, as I was testing I wish I had a better set up with my iPad because it tended to fall down a lot (the user was not supposed to hold it) and a camera to record the users movements was to be desired.  My partner and I definitely took a lot of notes but what the users say, ie “it’s intuitive!” is not what their behavior told me.  I also would have integrated a stopwatch if I could redo this.  It was a good first learning experience and I really do look forward to doing it again.


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