May 28, 2016

Week 1 – User Journeys & Sitemap

The field of user experience is still new to me, although I am now in my third semester of my masters at Kent State University.  I am learning more and more with every class and am slowly finding how to describe exactly what this profession entails to those that it benefits.  This last week I have worked on creating user journeys and a complementing sitemap for an app where parents/guardians can fill their child’s lunch balance.  This is the first time I’ve had to integrate myself into different personas to truly feel how different users would interact with such technology.  I have to remove myself from my own thoughts and biases and think, “Well instead of a 25 year old female, today I will play the part of 70 year old grandfather.”  I am enjoying what I am learning but I still feel like I have a blindfold on.  Though I enjoy working on my own I wish I was working with a team where I could be told what I am doing in/correctly.  I’m sure this will change as time goes on.


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