November 13, 2012

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Finally this thing is done!  It may not seem like a lot but I crammed all my frustration for this theme into about a week.  I am a fairly impatient person so that is why it’s done!

Other than having a pretty new layout I have been thinking a lot about my corgi posters.  Since I will be leaving the Print Shop this semester I won’t have access to anymore printing, unless I want to buy in bulk.  I don’t want to stop production since you guys seem to like my posters so much so I’m thinking of investing in an epson shmancy printer.  It is still up in the air but I’m excited to get more involved with etsy and try to bring in more products (greeting cards maybe some COMMANDER CORGI BUTTONS?!).

That’s all for now.



PS I feel like I’m 14 again and back on livejournal, I am not totally sure how I feel about that.

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