09 Dec '16

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Week 7 – More Eye tracking

I have had a lot to think about over the last week about eye tracking and the types of tasks one would create with it.  I spoke with a coworker at my work and in his 10+ year career and … Read More

02 Dec '16

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Week 6 – Eyetracking

In my mind I always imagined eyetracking as being some sort of clunky device that would be strapped to the user. Without physically seeing it I couldn’t imagine it being another way.  (Oculus Rift vs Virtual Boy anyone?)  After being … Read More

23 Nov '16

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Week 5 – Mobile Testing

After a lot of thinking I have finally created my mobile testing set up… at least a hypothetical one.  There was no definite budget for this project so I decided to run with what I would ideally like to do. … Read More

20 Nov '16

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Week 4 – Mobile Usability Testing (Set Up)

This last week my homework and professional work have coincided a lot by considering how I can go about testing a site for mobile/a mobile application for in-vehicle use.  I think it’s good that I have had to give purposeful … Read More

13 Nov '16

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Week 3 – Presentation

I have gotten pretty comfortable speaking in front of people due to my current and previous positions and through courses at Kent.  I’m actually pretty proud of how this one turned out because I feel I put a lot of … Read More

05 Nov '16

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Week 2 – Designing an Unmoderated Test

This week was interesting because I felt like I was overthinking my unmoderated test.  It was also difficult to get recruits because of technology issues which was a pretty big bummer.  Other than that I think my test on Yelp … Read More

30 Oct '16

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Week 1 – Recruitment Tools

When trying to recruit qualifying participants for research/testing on my own, I’ve often struggled to find enough people.  I always wondered how professional UX Designers and researchers were able to accomplish this and that appears to be by hiring a … Read More

09 Oct '16

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Week 6/7 – Usability Report

I have had a pretty disorganized week.  I like to think I have my schedule on lock down but I guess now isn’t one of those times.  This has led to me watching the usability test videos of four participants … Read More

29 Sep '16

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Week 5 – Usability Testing

This week I got the pleasure of running a (few) usability tests on Papa John’s pizza.  Why do I say a few?  Well…

  • The first test didn’t record any sound plus Quicktime crashed
  • Before the second test I could … Read More
23 Sep '16

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Week 4 – Qualitative and Quantitative Usability Measures

This week I was trying to decide which type of testing would be appropriate on Chipotle’s website.  I started with error rate but decided after I tried to order a burrito I found frustration but not many errors.  I was … Read More