24 Jun '16

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Week 6 – Refining the Prototype, Preparing for Testing

One of my favorite things to do for one reason or another is to work on my portfolio.  Maybe it’s because I get total creative control and make whatever I want or maybe I’m just a 4th grader that wants … Read More

19 Jun '16

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Week 5 – Prototyping

I’ve steadily been working on an interactive prototype and have received feedback from my peers on how to improve it.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ll be using Proto to build the prototype but I’m limited in what I … Read More

05 Jun '16

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Week 3 – Wireframes

This week I’ve been digitizing wireframe sketches for the “Lunch Money Buddy” app I am currently building.  The trouble I’ve found is that perhaps because this is a new field for me that I am not remembering everything the app … Read More

28 May '16

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Week 2 – Wireframes

Unlike creating user journeys, I am familiar with wireframes.  Being able to represent ideas visually is right up my alley and what I excel at.  While reading The Role of Wireframing in Mobile App Design, it was interesting to learn … Read More