September 2, 2016

Week One – Intro to Usability

There are not many things in the world that are cheap, quick, and provide value.  I cannot see any reason why a business would not consistently perform usability tests on their products and services.  The only reason I can think of would be that the business is not informed of its incredible value and its small cost.

Often while learning, topics may not click right away for me but usability testing seems so obvious and logical to me.  After reading Nielson’s “Why You Only Need to Test with 5 Users” I started to plan on how I might incorporate this into my future projects.  However, after reading Perfetti’s “Eight is Not Enough” article I started to become a bit confused.  The discrimination lies in the amount of users each article states to use.  Perfetti claims that a small amount won’t uncover as many usability problems as Neilson states.  Where everything clicked for me was from constant usability tests with a small set of users.  Through iterations of a product, there are bound to be usability problems solved and more that appear, however the constant testing and allow for a product to be the best it can be.  How exciting.


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