October 9, 2016

Week 6/7 – Usability Report

I have had a pretty disorganized week.  I like to think I have my schedule on lock down but I guess now isn’t one of those times.  This has led to me watching the usability test videos of four participants repeatedly taking notes, forgetting what the person said and having to rewatch for quotes, forgetting to take screenshots… ahh.

Overall Papa John’s has a pretty solid website, it isn’t terrible but it is not friendly to first time users.  The biggest annoyance I have (personally) as well as the usability test participants had was that the Papa John’s site makes you pick delivery or pick up… but the wording is strange and you think you are filling in your address to find a pick up location but then it is really for delivery.  Yuck.

My report right now is in many pieces but I am stitching them together.  It is interesting to look at how brand new customers use the site and compare it to my experience.  I do happen to buy Papa John’s pretty frequently but they’re kinda greasy… and no flavored crust… I digress.


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