June 24, 2016

Week 6 – Refining the Prototype, Preparing for Testing

One of my favorite things to do for one reason or another is to work on my portfolio.  Maybe it’s because I get total creative control and make whatever I want or maybe I’m just a 4th grader that wants to make pretty things and show them off to my too-cool-for-school friends.  Apart from all that, I finished my final protoype of the Lunch Money Buddy app and want to see how it does in usability testing.  It is interesting how you can be so immersed in a project but the second you hand it over to someone who knows diddly, every flaw becomes apparent.  Hopefully someone important out there thinks it’s cool.

I understand more than a week or so ago with what I’m doing.  I think a lot designing an app is trial and error… basically feeling out the process that will get you to that goal until you can refine and repeat it for the next project.  There are some kinks I need to iron out but overall this was a good experience.  I did feel a bit lost in the dark since this is the first iteration of Interaction Design at KSU but on the other side that forced me to problem solve on my own.  I won’t be spoon fed later so perhaps that’s a good thing now.  On the other hand I want to absorb as much knowledge as I can now so when I get into that shiny new UX role professionally I can have my bearings.

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