December 2, 2016

Week 6 – Eyetracking

In my mind I always imagined eyetracking as being some sort of clunky device that would be strapped to the user. Without physically seeing it I couldn’t imagine it being another way.  (Oculus Rift vs Virtual Boy anyone?)  After being able to watch the simplicity of the eyetracking equipment we were looking at this week, I’m glad what I imagined isn’t the case.

It is interesteding how users have a common pattern with their eyes, the “F pattern” coined by Neilsen Norman being the commonality among them.  I have been finding myself paying more attention to where I am looking at on my screen and how I am interacting with different pages.  In my professional work (working on vehicle interfaces) I wonder if users have the same eye tracking patterns when they are moving.  HMMMMM…


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