June 19, 2016

Week 5 – Prototyping

I’ve steadily been working on an interactive prototype and have received feedback from my peers on how to improve it.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ll be using Proto to build the prototype but I’m limited in what I can do because this is a new program for me which has cause frustration.  I’ve also noticed little things within Proto that make it difficult for me to use, such as building a screen and then wanting to preview it immediately. Rather than being able to do that I have to create the screen, save, preview, navigate to the screen and hope everything is linked correctly since this “checking” process takes up an unnecessary amount of time.  I’ve also found that there is awful documentation on how to use this program which only frustrates me further.  ARGGGGG

Other than that, my prototype is coming along.  It’s well on its way to having no kinks and I’ve been thinking about color but for being a prototype I don’t know if color would draw myself away from thinking about the functionality and how usable it is.  Hmm…

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Prototyping, Usability