November 23, 2016

Week 5 – Mobile Testing

After a lot of thinking I have finally created my mobile testing set up… at least a hypothetical one.  There was no definite budget for this project so I decided to run with what I would ideally like to do.  Use the bestish equipment… not cut corners…etc.  I was thinking though… what if my facility doesn’t have two rooms I can use to set up my test?  What if I went over this imaginary budget?  I suppose that would be the second part of the discussion if I actually presented this to stakeholders.

After a lot of browsing through Google it appears that mobile sleds are the best way to go for mobile testing since they can record the user’s hands and the screen at the same time with clarity.  I am not sure why anyone would choose another route unless they wanted to use what they already had available.  There doesn’t seem to be one sort of protocol for this and maybe that is because the UX field is so new.  I like what I came up with so we will see how that goes.


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