June 5, 2016

Week 3 – Wireframes

This week I’ve been digitizing wireframe sketches for the “Lunch Money Buddy” app I am currently building.  The trouble I’ve found is that perhaps because this is a new field for me that I am not remembering everything the app needs to have.  Having others critique my work has been insightful and also ironic as I was complimented on my simple app design.  I have to wonder, “Is this because I’ve never built and app and I’m missing pieces?”

I’ve found that I’m paying close attention to the apps I use on my phone and how they are laid out, especially financial apps.  It reminds me of when I was in art school and learning about color.  You start to notice that every day objects have many more colors and details.

Overall I hope I’m building this in a way that people could actually use.  I’m pretty unsure at this point but feel confident that in the end I’ll produce a great app.

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