November 13, 2016

Week 3 – Presentation

I have gotten pretty comfortable speaking in front of people due to my current and previous positions and through courses at Kent.  I’m actually pretty proud of how this one turned out because I feel I put a lot of effort into the analysis and the graphic design.  I am also a little diappointed because I wish I could’ve dug deeper and been able to discover more hidden usability issues with Yelp.  I think I should be able to get better at this the more I practice researching.

I’ve been finding that I really like user research almost more than creating prototypes/wireframing.  I suppose that is a huge part of the UX process… if you don’t know what is wrong you can’t fix it.  I hope to get more involved with user research in my current role since right now I’m doing some prototyping.  It’s a fun exciting journey.  Here’s my presentation in case you’re wondering about some high level finds about Yelp:

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