25 Apr '13

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thought garbage

No matter where you work, always do your best.  I have been working full time in an artisan bakery and have learned a lot about giving my all.  I feel especially pressured as an artist to gain popularity among my … Read More

26 Feb '13

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Chicago Trip

Last week I had the chance to go to Chicago for the day with one of my best friends.  We were going to the Art Institute but what I was really jazzed about was the Aquarium.  I do not much … Read More

13 Jan '13

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Self Advertising

If you want to be an Illustrator, Designer, or any kind of artist really it takes a lot of self-motivation.  It isn’t like when someone majors in Accounting and then becomes and Accountant.  Although, in school you both learn what … Read More

29 Dec '12

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99 designs

I just joined the website 99 designs in an attempt to practice more logos, design, and overall graphics.  I think it will be a good attempt to learn how to work with clients, although it is a different atmosphere.  A … Read More

06 Dec '12

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Corgi Contest Entries

Tonight I had my senior show which showcased all of my corgi-themed posters.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of work!  My favorite part was afterwards where I looked at the entries to my corgi-contest (where the … Read More

03 Dec '12


Graphic Design vs. Illustration

When I was a sophomore in college I found out I was accepted into both the Graphic Design program and the Illustration program.  The entire year I muddled over the difference between the two and no one could really give … Read More

13 Nov '12

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post #1

Finally this thing is done!  It may not seem like a lot but I crammed all my frustration for this theme into about a week.  I am a fairly impatient person so that is why it’s done!

Other than having … Read More

06 Nov '12

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Hello world!

Working on trying to make this snazzy new website look fabulous

Stay tuned

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