09 Oct '16

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Week 6/7 – Usability Report

I have had a pretty disorganized week.  I like to think I have my schedule on lock down but I guess now isn’t one of those times.  This has led to me watching the usability test videos of four participants … Read More

29 Sep '16

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Week 5 – Usability Testing

This week I got the pleasure of running a (few) usability tests on Papa John’s pizza.  Why do I say a few?  Well…

  • The first test didn’t record any sound plus Quicktime crashed
  • Before the second test I could … Read More
23 Sep '16

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Week 4 – Qualitative and Quantitative Usability Measures

This week I was trying to decide which type of testing would be appropriate on Chipotle’s website.  I started with error rate but decided after I tried to order a burrito I found frustration but not many errors.  I was … Read More

15 Sep '16

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Week 3 – Screenings & Task Creation

this week I am to create a screener to find novice online purchase users.  This extends mainly to how users order food online, specifically pizza.  I thought this would be a simple task of what to ask to find users … Read More

06 Sep '16

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Week 2 – Summative or Formative

Usability is much more technical than I originally thought.  This bodes well for me since I work well with structure and processes.  I have been learning about two types of usability testing this week, summative and formative.  My challenge is … Read More

02 Sep '16

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Week One – Intro to Usability

There are not many things in the world that are cheap, quick, and provide value.  I cannot see any reason why a business would not consistently perform usability tests on their products and services.  The only reason I can think … Read More

29 Jun '16

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Week 7 – Usability Testing

This week I’ve planned a usability test to implement for potentials users of the Lunch Money Buddy app.  This is the last step of my journey with the LMB app and think I have a more streamlined process for future … Read More

24 Jun '16

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Week 6 – Refining the Prototype, Preparing for Testing

One of my favorite things to do for one reason or another is to work on my portfolio.  Maybe it’s because I get total creative control and make whatever I want or maybe I’m just a 4th grader that wants … Read More

19 Jun '16

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Week 5 – Prototyping

I’ve steadily been working on an interactive prototype and have received feedback from my peers on how to improve it.  One thing I’ve noticed is that I’ll be using Proto to build the prototype but I’m limited in what I … Read More

12 Jun '16

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Week 4 – Do I know what I’m doing?

This last week I have put many hours into the first version of an interactive prototype for the Lunch Money Buddy app I’m designing.  I’m learning that apps are funny, as a user you don’t think much about them unless … Read More