April 25, 2013

thought garbage

No matter where you work, always do your best.  I have been working full time in an artisan bakery and have learned a lot about giving my all.  I feel especially pressured as an artist to gain popularity among my coworkers and bosses because one day they may need some kind of illustration done and remember me.  Do not get me wrong, I am not faking my pleasant personality.  I genuinely enjoy my job and the people I work with.

I have also been promoting myself with every chance that presents itself.  Any customer that brings up art with me I always mention that I am an Illustrator/Designer.  I have also taken initiative to design a brochure for the bakery I work for to show them what else I could offer.  I’ve given out business cards and postcards to anyone I believe would be interested.  I think someday this will end up helping me as we all know, you can’t remember something you were never told.

Also, balancing illustration with a full time job is a bit tiring but I enjoy that it keeps me busy.  Sorry that I haven’t posted anything lately.


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