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16 Aug '13

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New Job!

Horray I am employed once again!  I am now a Graphic Designer for ROXO thanks to my good friend Kiki Keller.  (Check her out!) I will be designing packaging and display toppers along with anything else they tell me to do. … Read More

29 Dec '12

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99 designs

I just joined the website 99 designs in an attempt to practice more logos, design, and overall graphics.  I think it will be a good attempt to learn how to work with clients, although it is a different atmosphere.  A … Read More

03 Dec '12


Graphic Design vs. Illustration

When I was a sophomore in college I found out I was accepted into both the Graphic Design program and the Illustration program.  The entire year I muddled over the difference between the two and no one could really give … Read More