Reimagined Dishwasher Sketches

These sketches are of a reimagined dishwasher interface in order to create an easier-to-use product.  When trying to wash dishes in a dishwasher, the interface should be simple to use.  Starting a load on the Maytag dishwasher, the user must first bend down to see the interface.  This proves to be very uncomfortable and not user-friendly.

The steps to start the washer are not clear visually or conceptually.  To start, the modes that can be chosen are not clear of what their function is and when a mode is chosen, some additional items will light up.  If the options are indeed additional, they should not light up automatically when an option is chosen, such as the heated dry.

Though the flat interface proves easy to clean, raised buttons would be helpful for tactility.  The user needs to know exactly what mode they are choosing.  Pressing the areas of the modes and options proves to be very difficult.  Much pressure must be exerted until a dim light appears.  The lights show the choices the user picked and then the start/cancel buttons must be pressed.  The issue with the start/cancel buttons is that it comes with additional wording underneath, resume/drain.  They are not absolutely confusing, however it is difficult to understand why they are paired together.

This dishwasher does indeed clean dishes very well but the first steps in starting it are difficult to follow.  There are too many options in some areas and not enough in others.  This interface could definitely use improvements to benefit the user.