Kent State Registration System: Redesign

This short but sweet project involved reinventing Kent State University’s class registration system.  In order to find what user’s want and need in a site paired with what KSU was willing to offer, I was given a scenario to build off of…

The Kent State University Registrar’s office has approached you with a problem. It has received feedback that its registration system that students use to register for courses each semester is not easy to use, and doesn’t have what they desire: a “modern face.” Currently, the registration system’s user interface has a sort of “mainframe” feel to it. They would like for you to explore some design alternatives that would make the user interface for the registration system one that is not only easy to use, but also perhaps even “fun to use,” and one that resembles what students and others encounter in modern web sites.

Research Plan

Persona/Design Tenets

Interface Sketches

Kent State Review

Heuristic Evaluation