July 14, 2013

My Good Friend Liz

My friend/old roommate came to visit me this weekend before she leaves for California to be a farmer for three months.  I thought this would be a cute little present for her before she leaves since I will miss her dearly.

My Good Friend Liz
I don’t usually doodle by hand but of course this started as a freehand sketch.  (If you know my process I create everything digitally on my tablet.)  I don’t usually make anything so cutesy and cartooney either.  It was a good change of pace and I think it is unique enough where I can say it was something especially made for her.  I drew her skipping away on a monotone rainbow since she is so cheery all the time and she isn’t really attached to belongings or any one place… so there was a little thought put into it.

Check her out HERE.  You will definitely find something to love there.


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