October 12, 2014

Everything & Anything

Wow!  So… what HASN’T happened since the last time I posted?  It’s been over a year and art wise I would say I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate and work on my style, though it hasn’t happened as quickly as I would like it to.  That’s the kind of thing that happens when you get married and work full time.  I never believed my illustration professor that it would happen to me (not being able to do art as much as I want to) but here I am.

I originally took away my blog because I didn’t think anyone read it but I keep getting comments on a few entries which is really encouraging.  I will try to update more!  Since this month is supposably “Inktober” I have a treat for any of you reading.  It isn’t much but this is my first entry for Inktober.

hello class

I’ve been substitute teaching and I had an empty hour so I drew on the whiteboard.  I don’t know what the kids think about it since they won’t get to see it until tomorrow.  I’m hoping to sub more in this district though because the kids were pretty cool.

Inktober aside, I would like to make a longer entry about art fairs and my experience with them so far.  I really love doing art fairs and hope to get into a lot more more next spring and summer.  Stay tuned!  I promise to update this thing more… with useful information!



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