November 4, 2014


In art school I would occasionally set a drawing or sculpture or really… whatever else aside because I liked it.  On the other hand there were times I didn’t mind ripping up say, 99% of my foundations drawings and grinding them to a pulp to make new paper out of.  (True story.)  I work entirely digitally so I don’t have to worry about losing anything I’m particularly attached to.  I use Time Machine which I back up frequently and I’m not exactly careless when it comes to organization.

This right here is all I have left of an illustration I was drawing for my good friend, Liz.  It is how she described how elk sound since she lives in approximately the middle of nowhere on a farm and all I have left is a low quality screenshot.

Along with being pretty type A, I am very stubborn.  I spent about five hours trying to recover my .psd file.  I had no backups (magically) from the day I started this to when it ended up in my trash.  I figured out that the file HAD to be in the trash bin in a backup that I had but can you recover any of your trash?  No.  (I might need to say that at this point I had emptied the trash bin a couple days ago since I don’t even like looking at an icon of garbage.)  I was so incredibly frustrated and upset that I couldn’t recover this thing because one, I didn’t want to redraw it.  Two, the time I spent trying to recover it I could have redrawn it.

Anyway, don’t get attached to anything you have.  If/when I redraw this is will probably be better since I apparently had to go through a practice round.  Focus on improving than focusing on what a good job you did, if that is what you do.  That is my advice for the day.


PS. Does anyone know how to repair corrupt .psd files??

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