December 29, 2012

99 designs

I just joined the website 99 designs in an attempt to practice more logos, design, and overall graphics.  I think it will be a good attempt to learn how to work with clients, although it is a different atmosphere.  A client will say something like, “We want an abstract shape, this is our slogan, and this is the company name you have to include.”  After that people can enter their contest for a chance to win a set amount of money.  Whether I win or not I think it will be good experience while I’m trying to build up my portfolio more.

The real world is much more overwhelming than school.  There is no one to tell you that you HAVE to do something, it is all self-motivation… unless you have a client giving you a project.  I won’t keep you here for my ranting and raving but keep a look out for another blog post from me about why I don’t do art for fun.  (Oooo!)


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