2016 September

29 Sep '16

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Week 5 – Usability Testing

This week I got the pleasure of running a (few) usability tests on Papa John’s pizza.  Why do I say a few?  Well…

  • The first test didn’t record any sound plus Quicktime crashed
  • Before the second test I could … Read More
23 Sep '16

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Week 4 – Qualitative and Quantitative Usability Measures

This week I was trying to decide which type of testing would be appropriate on Chipotle’s website.  I started with error rate but decided after I tried to order a burrito I found frustration but not many errors.  I was … Read More

15 Sep '16

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Week 3 – Screenings & Task Creation

this week I am to create a screener to find novice online purchase users.  This extends mainly to how users order food online, specifically pizza.  I thought this would be a simple task of what to ask to find users … Read More

06 Sep '16

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Week 2 – Summative or Formative

Usability is much more technical than I originally thought.  This bodes well for me since I work well with structure and processes.  I have been learning about two types of usability testing this week, summative and formative.  My challenge is … Read More

02 Sep '16

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Week One – Intro to Usability

There are not many things in the world that are cheap, quick, and provide value.  I cannot see any reason why a business would not consistently perform usability tests on their products and services.  The only reason I can think … Read More